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Anne Teixeira

Hi guys, I'm Anne Teixeira (aka Anne Ink)
Regardless of the fact that I always loved arts in general, I graduated in Civil Engineering in Brazil and that gave me the chance to move to New Zealand in 2017 when I was offered a job position in the Construction Industry.⠀
I always loved my artistic and creative side. However, I never had the opportunity to choose arts as a sort of career until I met my now fiancé (Andre). He asked if I would like to learn tattooing to help at the studio's reception in my free time. I had my own tattoos, but from there to become a tattoo artist was a different thing. As a typical curious person, I accepted and soon after that, I had my first contact with a tattoo machine back in 2018 tattooing a slice of pork skin.⠀
I felt free, in peace. ⠀
I moved forward and did my first tattoo on Andre. From there I started thinking that maybe this could be the why I came to this Earth for. ⠀
Unfortunately took me good 30 years to embrace the artist inside me and let it flourish to the point of choosing it as my profession.⠀
I love the fact that as an artist is able to combine my technical knowledge with my creative side to come up with a representation of my client's dreams, emotions, memories, and ideas. I can be myself, the person who lives to create, to have ideas and projects. Who seeks different knowledge and how to get better.⠀
I became a Tattoo Artist to empower anyone who thinks about being something else than what they were taught to be. And I hope I can inspire at least one person during my life to have the courage to pursue their dreams. ⠀
Tattoos for me are a lot more than drawings. They’re connection, feelings, emotions, love.⠀
It’s a way to somehow express how I feel inside.⠀

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