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Tattoo Parlour Auckland

   Artero Tattoo - a destination for the ink-obsessed. Our welcoming tattoo parlour Auckland is the perfect spot for both first time clients and seasoned collectors. We use only top-tier inks and needles and take necessary precautions to ensure your safety. 


      We welcome you for a  free consultations to ensure that every client feels confident and informed in their decision to get a tattoo. 


Walk In Tattoo Shop Auckland

Tattoos are a powerful form of personal expression, allowing you to showcase your identity and personality traits through art on your skin. However, getting a tattoo that you love for a lifetime, requires the expertise of professionals who are passionate about their craft. Artero Tattoo is the perfect Tattoo shop in Auckland for you. We love what we do, and we're dedicated to ensuring you adore the artwork we create for you.

Our artists are more than just tattooers; they're creators, visionaries, and storytellers, ready to translate your ideas into ink. Whether you desire something bright and bold or fine and detailed, we have an artist in-house to meet your needs.

Artero Tattoo is committed to providing the best walk in tattoo Auckland experience in a fun and welcoming environment. Our tattoo studio is clean and hygienic, with staff trained to follow the strictest health guidelines.

Contact us today for a walk-in tattoo in Auckland.

Sleek and Chic Fine Line Tattoos

Known for their delicate finesse, fine line tattoos offer thin, detailed designs that bring a unique elegance and softness, distinct from the boldness of traditional tattoos. They're primarily crafted in subtle shades of black and grey, with gentle shading that emphasises design and contour over intense colour fills.

The beauty of fine line tattoos lies in their versatility. With the ability to craft everything from the simplest of icons to the most intricate patterns, this style adapts to your personal narrative, fitting perfectly on any part of your body. Whether it’s a discreet symbol on your wrist, a sprawling scene across your back, or anything in between, fine line tattoos are ideal for both standalone statements and complex storytelling.

Artero Tattoo is one of the best tattoo shops that specialises in a spectrum of fine line styles, including black and grey, realism, minimalism, botanical, landscapes, abstract, pop culture, wildlife, and fine art. Our tattoo Auckland studio is rooted in a culture of kindness and a home to world-class artists dedicated to helping you narrate your story through the perfect fine line tattoo in Auckland.

Custom And Personalised Tattoos

In the ever-evolving world of tattoo trends, one style remains timeless: custom and personalised tattoos. It’s no wonder they hold a special place in the hearts of ink enthusiasts because they offer a unique way to express the wearer's identity, personal stories, or cherished memories.

The process of designing a custom tattoo is a joint venture between the artist and the client to bring the envisioned design to life. Whether you carve a fierce big black cat sprawled across your back, or a cobra snaking its way up your arm, a whisper of inspiration in ink, or an emblem that screams ‘you’, Whatever your dream tattoo is, our tattoo artists are here to bring it to life.

A Team Of Passionate Tattoo Artists

At our studio, our resident tattoo artists are more than just skilled professionals; they are passionate visionaries dedicated to turning your ink dreams into reality. They approach each tattoo with profound respect and care, treating every piece as a pivotal expression of individuality, as if marking their own skin.

Our artists believe that being a great tattooist requires more than technical skill—it demands patience, understanding, humility, and compassion. They showcase an extraordinary attention to detail, meticulously crafting each tattoo to be flawless, free of errors, and intimately personal.

Late Night Tattoo Service

Are you a night owl looking to get inked under the moonlight? Artero Tattoo offers late-night tattoo services for those nocturnal souls and anyone with a packed daytime schedule. Late-night sessions provide a different atmosphere, one where the world slows down, and the focus is solely on crafting your perfect piece.

Our studio extends its hours to embrace the night's ambience, providing a calm, intimate environment for your tattoo experience. Whether it’s the calm of the night that inspires you or simply the convenience of after-hours appointments, our ate-night tattoo Auckland service ensures that your vision comes to life on your terms.

Keeping A Pulse On Local and International Tattoo Trends

Staying ahead in the tattoo world means keeping a pulse on both local and international trends, ensuring that our artistry remains fresh, relevant, and innovative. Our talented tattoo artists spend most of their waking hours in research to stay abreast of the latest tattoo trends so they can evolve their styles and push themselves to produce the most impressive artwork. Whether it's the intricate lines of fine art tattoos or the bold shades of traditional pieces, we are dedicated to bringing the best of the tattoo world right to your skin.

Our Booking Policy

At our studio, securing your slot requires a minimum deposit of $100 or 20% of the estimated tattoo cost, whichever is greater. This deposit cements your commitment but please note, it's non-refundable and non-transferable.

Life happens, and we get that! If you need to make changes, we’re flexible – just give us a heads-up at least 72 hours before your appointment. You can change, move, or amend your booking twice without losing your deposit, as long as it's done within this notice period.

Missed your appointment? That slot was reserved just for you, so it will incur a charge, and you’ll need to place another deposit for future bookings.

Please note that you must be over 18 to get tattooed. Bring your ID – it’s a must. No ID means no tattoo, no exceptions. This policy helps us ensure a responsible and legally compliant tattooing experience for everyone.

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