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Andre Garcia

  • Andre Garcia
  • dregarciaink

   I' m a Brazilian born artist, raised in Sao Paulo, now living in Auckland. Sao Paulo is where all the business, arts and fashion emerge in Brazil so my passion for art is easily explained. When I was a teenager I used to spend all my spare time painting, drawing and with the help and  influence of one of my friends I got into tattooing. I did my first tattoo in 2007, it started as a hobby but I spend as much time I could in the tattoo shop of a friend to learn about tattoos. Right from the start I felt a true passion for body art and realised how much responsibility and real honor is for me that the people would trust on me to tattoo them.

    When I moved to New Zealand, my curiosity was drawn to learn about the country of the famous Maori Tattoos  how powerful and meaningful the tattoos are for the people. The Symbolism of these tattoos definitely convinced me to take up the art form as a profession.

   Since then I have been on the never ending journey of improving my self and my work, and always trying to find some time to do more paintings and art works.

   People often ask me what style of art work I prefer doing. There is certain types of tattoos that I like seeing but I cannot describe which one I prefer tattooing. As you can see from the art gallery, I m not committed to any trend and I like doing any kind of design. I work best when complying to a customer's individual demand and their personal preferences as it is more satisfying bringing people's own ideas to their skin. I consider all of my tattoos to be equally important and all are prepared and designed as if they were for myself. 


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