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I’m Yuri, 25 years old, and I’m Brazilian. I’ve been living here in Auckland, NZ, for a year. I have 5 years of experience and focus more on realistic and blackwork tattoos.


It’s funny that I never dreamed of being a tattoo artist; I really wanted to be a Police Officer, haha. But tattooing found me at a time when I was discouraged by the military system, and I ended up throwing myself into that world. I have always known how to draw since I was a child. This was the best decision of my life!


I don’t usually go out much; I feel that my growth process as a person is just beginning. With that, I continue to study a lot, read, and plan my life projects. I’m also focused on the gym, always training.


But of course, sometimes I also enjoy leisure, like the beach, cinema, and outdoor sports (New Zealand is perfect when it comes to outdoor activities, right?).




Yuri Oliver

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