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Andre Garcia

I am an accomplished Brazilian artist hailing from Sao Paulo and currently residing in Auckland. Growing up in the culturally vibrant city of Sao Paulo, where business, arts, and fashion intersect, my deep-rooted passion for art naturally flourished. As a teenager, I immersed myself in painting and drawing, and thanks to the guidance and inspiration of a friend, ventured into the world of tattooing.


In 2007, I executed my inaugural tattoo, initially viewing it as a hobby. However, fuelled by a genuine fervour for body art, I soon recognised the immense responsibility and honour bestowed upon me as individuals trusted me to ink their skin. Upon my relocation to New Zealand, I became captivated by the rich history of Maori Tattoos and the compelling symbolism ingrained within them. This alluring discovery solidified my pursuit of tattoo artistry as a profession.

Since then, my journey has incessantly revolved around self-improvement and honing my craft, while simultaneously indulging in the creation of paintings and other art forms. Although I am often asked about my preferred art style, I find it challenging to confine myself to a specific category.


While I appreciate certain tattoo styles aesthetically, my true passion lies in bringing to life my clients' unique visions and personal preferences. Customising each design to meet their individual desires is profoundly rewarding, as I strive to treat every tattoo with equal significance, infusing it with the same level of care and attention to detail as if it were for my own self-expression.

By perusing my art gallery, you will observe that I am not bound by trends and relish the opportunity to explore a diverse array of motifs. Embracing versatility, I find fulfilment in surpassing customer expectations and translating their ideas onto their skin.

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